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Amy Watkins

Amy Watkins – Stylist, Lexington Country Place Assisted Living

Amy runs the hair salon of several Assisted Living communities in Lexington.  She is patient with every one of the community members.  She has a big heart and passion for beautifying our Seniors.  Every day, she brings a smile to their face when they leave her salon.

Amy says, “Doing hair has always been a passion of mine, since I was a little girl. It’s what makes us feel attractive, and feel better, there’s no greater feeling. I have been working in senior livings in Lexington over the last decade and have learned so very much. I adore older  people and have always been told I had an old soul. I’m able to connect with so many of my clients, and they give the greatest advice.  I share such a personal relationship with my ladies and their families,  I’m truly lucky to do what I love.”