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Our Thursday, May 21st Hometown Hero – Tammi Regan and Hank the Horse!

Tammi Regan runs a rescue horse foundation named “For Hank’s Sake.” It began 8 years ago when Tammi rescued Hank, a Tennessee Walking Horse that had been neglected, starved, left alone and found in horrible condition. Tammi nursed Hank back to health and helped him grow to be an ambassador for those in need, whether it be humans or animals. Through Tammi’s efforts Hank has blossomed into a horse of a lifetime. Among his many charitable efforts is volunteering for the Salvation Army. Hank rings the bell for the Salvation Army @ Xmas. Last year he raised over $5,ooo. Hank, along with Tammi, visits nursing homes to cheer the senior citizens & has made window visits during the Covid crisis to surprise & put some cheer in their day. His latest adventure was this Easter Sunday. Hank (with Tammi in tow) visited a young boy named Talon in Lexington who has had several heart operations & is a big Hank fan. Hank performed tricks, posed for photos and paraded thru the neighborhood for all to enjoy.

Tammi says, “On Easter Sunday, Hank’s life came full circle from his rescue eight years ago when he visited his little friend, Talon. How wonderful that eight years later from the day I rescued him he would be encouraging a precious little boy that struggles daily with his heart condition and empowered a neighborhood with love and joy during these challenging times. Hank loves to pay it forward!

Hank has one marking on his entire body. His little splotch of white fur beneath his forelock in the shape of a heart inspired The For Hank’s Sake logo, creating a life long brand of love. Hank stands for the hope that inspires me and allows our mission of love to extend to the rest of the herd, and out into the world, so that others, too, may rise to their fullest potential.”

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