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Tell on Your Teacher Contest Rules 2022

HITS 106.3 Teacher Appreciation “Tell on Your Teacher” Contest 2022

The WCDA HITS 106.3 “Teacher Appreciation” Contest (the “Contest”) will be

conducted March 28, 2022 to April 15th, 2022 (“Contest Period”), by WCDA HITS

106.3 (LM Communications Broadcast Media Group).

These rules, plus those bulleted below, comprise the rules for this Contest:

  • HITS 106.3 Generic Contest Rules, HITS 106.3’s On-Air Contest Rules, HITS 106.3’s

Privacy Policy. (In the event specific “Tell on Your Teacher” contest rules may conflict

with any “generic” or “on-air” rules, the “Teacher Appreciation” rules will apply.)

Copies of the rules are available at www.hits1063.com and during normal business hours,

at LM Communications Broadcast Media Group. These documents, which are

incorporated herein by reference, have important information about eligibility, the

station’s responsibilities, the entrant’s responsibilities, the winner’s responsibilities, tax

ramifications, and more. WCDA will award the prizes to entrants who meet the eligibility

requirements and follow all of the rules. WCDA reserves the right to postpone or extend

the Contest dates. Rules are subject to change without notice, although revised rules will

be posted as soon as possible. No purchase necessary to enter or to win.


  • The HITS 106.3 “Teacher Appreciation, Tell on Your Teacher” Contest (The Contest)

will be conducted from Monday, March 28th, 2022 to Friday, April 15th, 2022 at 4pm.

Nominations will be accepted from Monday, March 28 2022 at 8am until Friday, April 15, 2022 at 4pm.


  • You must be 16 to nominate a teacher. However, if you are under the age of 18, you

must have parental consent to nominate a teacher. Parental consent includes the name

and phone number of the legal guardian. If selected, we must be able to reach the

adult guardian. Failure to provide contact information for the adult guardian will

disqualify the nomination.

  • There will be (10) winners eligible to win the $500.00 Visa Gift card. Winners will be randomly

selected from the pool of entrants. Once parental consent has been established, LM

Communications will verify the acceptance of the nomination with the principal of the

school of the nominated teacher. Once the principal approves the nomination, the teacher

will be contacted and informed of the award.

  • All winners assume financial obligations for local, state and federal taxes and all

applicable fees based on the value of the prize. Delivery charges are not included.

  • In accordance with IRS regulations, HITS 106.3 will provide any winner receiving a

prize(s) valued at $600 or more in a given calendar year, with a copy of IRS Form 1099

(miscellaneous income).

  • Prizes are non-transferable, non-assignable, non-exchangeable and not redeemable for

cash unless otherwise noted and agreed upon in writing by an authorized officer of HITS


  • Prizes can be picked up within 30 days of winning at HITS 106.3 located at 401 West

Main Street, Lexington, KY 40507 Monday-Friday between 10am-4pm.


  • Beginning Monday, March 28th at 8am, HITS 106.3 will allow listeners to submit an

online nomination at www.your1063.com for Teacher’s Appreciation, “Tell on Your

Teacher”. A qualifying submission will include the teacher’s full name, school and grade

currently teaching, the name of the principal at the school, and a 90-word description of

why the teacher deserves recognition. In addition to the teacher’s information, the listener

submitting the nomination must also include his/her full name, email address, phone

number and birthdate. All submissions must be received from a listener at least 18 or

older (or a parent may submit on behalf of a minor). Listeners can nominate up to 3

teachers during the contest period.

  • Then, beginning on April 18, 2022, HITS 106.3 will randomly select 1 entry from those

submitted online to be eligible to win one of the ten “Tell on Your Teacher”

Teacher’s Appreciation $500 visa gift card. One teacher will be selected each day for a

total of 10 teachers. Promotions Director and on-air talent will then contact the submitter

and, with parent’s permission, record a short interview about why the teacher deserves

recognition. The daily winners will then be announced each day, April 18, 2022–

April 29, 2022 during the morning show.

the submittor and record a short interview that will play during the “Tell on Your

Teacher” daily winner announcement, which will be announced during the morning show.

  • After the entry has been selected, HITS 106.3 will contact the principal at the school

where the teacher works and confirm the principal endorses the teacher and the teacher

would be allowed to accept the prize.

  • After the confirmation from the principal, HITS 106.3 will contact the teacher via

telephone to confirm the winner status.

  • Should the principal NOT endorse the teacher, HITS 106.3 will randomly draw another

entry and repeat the process.

  • Qualifiers must meet all HITS 106.3 eligibility requirements, including those set out

below. • Qualifier entries are non-transferable.


  • Contest is open to all eligible people who live or work within 60 air miles of

HITS 106.3’s Lexington office and age 18 or over as of the date they qualify,

except employees, their immediate families, LLC members, officers, directors and

stockholders of HITS 106.3, its parent companies, any other radio station listed in

the FCC Geographic Market Definition for Lexington, KY (as published by BIA)

or any of the affiliates, sponsors and agencies involved in the production or

distribution of materials for this Contest. Immediate family includes the spouse,

great-grandparents, grandparents, parents, brothers, sisters, children,

grandchildren, and great-grandchildren of the employee and his/her spouse. This

also includes individuals for whom the employee is current legal guardian.

  • One Qualifier per household will be permitted to participate in the Contest.

Household is defined as those living in the same residence, even if not related by

blood or marriage.

  • HITS 106.3’s standard prohibition against winning more than one station contest

within 30 days is suspended for this Contest only.

  • HITS 106.3 reserves the right to disqualify any Contestant if the Contest rules

have been violated.

All promotions conducted on WCDA-FM are subject to the rules and conditions of

our General Promotions Rules and Privacy Policy. General Promotions Rules and

Privacy policy can be found on our website: www.hits1063.com