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Creepy Grubhub driver…

Shawn is a vet, but is he a liar???

Andrew is nice but has baggage…


Second Date Update

Shawn is a vet, but is he a liar???

Andrew is nice but has baggage…

College friends reunite, but will there be a second date?!

maybe skydiving on the first date isn’t a good idea…

Sometimes getting your degree doesn’t mean you’ll get a second date!

Tom isn’t into astrology!

Ann doesn’t like braces!

Marvin Left Something Behind After The Date….

Lisa Has A Confession For Us….

Second Date Update: Pat Used Her To Go To The Movies

Second Date Update: Beth Went to Ruben’s House For Turkey Day

Second Date Update: Oliver and Misty Met at a Mall

Second Date Update: Jerry Eats Lobster In a Weird Way

Second Date Update: Blake is Married

Second Date Update: Baby Powder


Facebook Theater

Creepy Grubhub driver…

There was a five letter word that got thrown around in this a lot…

Rose is all bark but no bite… ba dum chhh

Nosy neighbors get into a fight!

Tracy got $20 stolen… and then it gets weird!

This facebook theater is about vaccinations and kids biting adults!

Facebook Theater: The Elf on the Shelf

Facebook Theater: Kerri Hit a Pothole

Facebook Theater: Your Store Smells Like Fish

Facebook Theater: Golf Cart Kids