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Educators who spend their days teaching young minds have an amazing job.  All of us have had a special teacher to inspire us, and remind us that anything is possible.

Thanks for nominating your exceptional teacher for TELL ON YOUR TEACHER.



Cathy Hourigan- 5th grade Christ the King School

She was nominated on by her student Will Jones and his mom Lynn.  Will said “My teacher Mrs. Hourigan teaches us about amazing things from the animal Kingdoms to the glucose in a plant cell.   She also opens our hearts in religion class about how Jesus died for us on the cross just so everyone could go to heaven.  My fifth grade loves Mrs. Hourigan so much that I am trying to do this for her. We appreciate her so very much!

Rachael Keifer- 5th Grade at Northern Elementary

She was nominated on by her student Anabel Cannon and her mom Samantha.  They said in June of 2017 we lost my mother to a tragic a situation and because of this, we were forced to move from the area that my children grew up in.  It was very traumatizing to all four of my girls.  When we moved, we were scared that the change would affect everyone in a negative way. However, we were so blessed for Anabel to have Rachael as a teacher as she has become extremely important part of our family.

Katie Cherone- Kindergarten at Tates Creek Elementary

She was nominated on by her student Nicole Hall and her mom Sabrina Smith.  They said She is always so sweet and has nothing but kind things to say about Nicole and her class mates. She has one student that has yet to speak in class even tho she does at home. Nicole is her best friend and her voice. Ms. Cherone doesn’t force this little girl to speak and says she will when she’s ready but allows her to be comforted by my daughter. She makes me feel like my child is beyond amazing and that makes me a proud mama.
She’s a single mom of 2 boys and hardly ever misses school and provides snacks and stuff for those that don’t have it. This would be wonderful for her to win because I fee she deserves it!!!

Nicole Dupree- 6th grade at West Jessamine Middle School

She was nominated on by her student Ethan Silagy and his mom Amy Henderson. They said Nicole is always caring about every student and takes time and effort to teach her amazing classes. She is very understanding she makes everyone laugh and have a good time in her classes. Nicole has made my son’s first year of middle school very fun because of how kind and caring she is. She makes everything fun that they do in class and she puts time and planning her lessons alongside she lets students teach in class which my son has said is really fun. Because she is letting them have an opportunity to take ownership and how it really is to be a good teacher. Nicole has been so great this year and deserves to win this award!

Lisa Hamilton- 11th Grade Teacher at Scott County High School

Mrs. Hamilton was nominated on by her student Emma Spencer and her mom Emily.  They said My daughter frequently says Lisa Hamilton is one of the best teachers she’s ever had. Mrs. Hamilton teaches AP U.S. History at Scott County High School. On the first day of school, my daughter came home and had nothing but good things to say about her. Emma loves how passionate she is about history and how she makes events that happened over 200 years ago relevant to our current society. Emma says that Mrs. Hamilton is visibly excited to talk about U.S. history every single day and engages her students in complex conversations. Mrs. Hamilton tells the whole story of America with multiple perspectives on each topic. In addition to her fantastic teaching style, she is considered a second mother by her students. As much as she cares about teaching her students, she cares even more about their character. Mrs. Hamilton encourages Emma and her peers constantly. Emma says Mrs. Hamilton is one of the main reasons why she loves getting up and coming to school each day.

Mrs. Melanie Wilburn- 1st Grade Teacher From The Academy for Leadership at Millcreek

Mrs. Wilburn is an amazing teacher who is makes school a family away from home! She calls/texts the parents in her class little bits of how things are going in her class, things she knows will make us proud! She asks to be informed of her students extra-curricular activities so that she can try to be there! She writes little notes to her kids, words of encouragement and love! She checks on Layla when she misses a day of school and says she misses her, that means so much to have a teacher that loves your kid as much as you do and to not have to worry about her at all. On there desks at school she wrote little quotes about each student to remind them of how special each of them are! She wants the best for each of her students, I can tell each time I speak with her or see the texts shes sends out! Its awesome! She has published a book that they got to make in class and we have the option to order them as keepsakes! Seriously she is always doing something to completely surprise me and keep these kiddos inspired! She has pushed my daughter so much she is now reading chapter books as a first grader!! She loves math and reading and does them for fun! I can’t believe it sometimes, how just a little encouragement can make a child want to do better, be more and do great things! My daughter has accomplished student of the month and so much more under this AMAZING teacher, Mrs. Wilburn!! She has helped my daughter with being able to be her best self by encouraging her to join extra curricular activities like reading to the elderly at an elderly home and an after school class about etiquette and how to be a young lady! She helps Layla to be the best she can be each day, and even on days when she’s not at school she sends words of encouragement and love! I couldn’t ask for a better teacher, did I mention she’s awesome?

Caron Cron-4th Grade Teacher at Rosa Parks

Mrs. Cron was nominated on by her student Kennedy Morgan and her mom Jennifer.  They said Mrs. Cron is one of the best teachers at Rosa Parks. All teachers at Rosa Parks teach us math, reading, writing, science and social studies and challenge is to do our best. Mrs Cron does so much more than that! What makes Mrs. Cron the best is that she understands me. I remember coming into school the first day and she had a quote on our desks, “Some kids are smarter than you, some kids have cooler clothes than you, some kids are better at sports than you. It doesn’t matter, you have your things too…BE the nice kid.” She has taught me to be who I am and to be grateful. This year we’ve done many thing in class to show gratitude, we made gratitude journals, collected items for those in need and thankful post it notes about others in our class. Because she is so kind and caring I can talk to her about anything. Mrs.Cron has made me believe in myself and that I can do anything. This is why I want to tell on my teacher Mrs. Cron because she is the best!

Megan Burton- Kindergarten Teacher at Garrett Morgan Elementary

Mrs.Burton was nominated by her student Evelyn Wilhoite and her mom Rebecca,  and they said Mrs. Burton sets the standards for an ideal teacher. She truly cares and loves her students. She engages the students and makes learning exciting for the kids.
From a parent stand point, her constant communication is top notch. She notifies parents of everything from updating about students progress to letting a parent know that their child fell off the playground (literally…last week I received an email that my daughter fell…)
From a child stand point, she is fun and exciting. She knows how to talk to the students in a way they understand without talking down to them. In the words of my daughter, her favorite thing about Mrs. Burton is “how big her heart is.”

Kerry Evans- 8th Grade Teacher at Madison Middle

Mr. Evans was nominated by his student Andrea Skelton and her mom Dawn, and they said Mr. Evans is my band director at Madison Middle. Not only does he create a fun and exciting atmosphere, he also goes above and beyond to open doors and provide opportunities for us. On top of the daily school schedule Mr. Evans organizes other events that help us grow as musicians. I recently had the opportunity to play with a local universities ensemble and also perform at the Kentucky Music Educators Association due to the work that Mr. Evans puts in. Also while we were on spring break, I had to reach out to Mr. Evans because I had left my instrument in the band room and needed it for a workshop. Mr. Evans met me and my mom late in the evening on spring break just so I could get my instrument. Mr. Evans is a great teacher and really cares for his students and helps prepare us for high school and college band opportunities. I know that he sacrifices a lot and he definitely deserves this award! Thank you for considering my entry.

Shanna Williams- 2nd Grade Teacher at Squire’s

Mrs. Williams was nominated by Sierra Bryant and her mom, Dawn Skovran, and they said Mrs. Williams is amazing. She’s such a champion for our kids. She works tirelessly to make sure all of their needs are met. Her heart is open to all her students, past and present. She makes sure our student gets the interventions she needs to advance her education. She has worked hard to stop a bullying issue for our girl. Mrs. Williams is a truly inspiring!

Kelly Rowe – 7th Grade teacher at Seton Catholic School

Mrs. Rowe was nominated by Ava Blandford and her mom, Becky Blandford, and they said “Mrs. Rowe nengages her social studies students each and everyday with her enthusiasm and charisma. She is a director and choreographer for the middle school spring musical AND she leads both the KYA group and KUNA groups st our school. She does all of this while caring for her own 3 children and supporting her husband, a pastor at their church. Did I mention she also finds her own mission trips to Haiti and now Peru to help those less fortunate. This woman is so much more than a teacher, she is s role model for all of the young people that she blesses!”

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