Mandy’s Second Date Update

Sometimes a first date goes so well, you just can’t wait to have a second one… and sometimes NOT.

The Second Date Update Podcasts


12/3/19 – SDUD – Travis Took Maddie Out On An Odd “Date” #DriveThruAndDryCleaning

12/2/19 – SDUD – Billy And Crystal Are….Related??


11/19/19 – SDUD – Troy Begs And Pleads…Does It Work?

11/12/19 – SDUD – Nate Says Irene Is A Control Freak…

Shawn is a vet, but is he a liar???

Andrew is nice but has baggage…

College friends reunite, but will there be a second date?!

maybe skydiving on the first date isn’t a good idea…

Sometimes getting your degree doesn’t mean you’ll get a second date!

Tom isn’t into astrology!

Ann doesn’t like braces!

Marvin Left Something Behind After The Date….

Lisa Has A Confession For Us….

Second Date Update: Pat Used Her To Go To The Movies

Second Date Update: Beth Went to Ruben’s House For Turkey Day

Second Date Update: Oliver and Misty Met at a Mall

Second Date Update: Jerry Eats Lobster In a Weird Way

Second Date Update: Blake is Married

Second Date Update: Baby Powder

Second Date Update: Lee Doesn’t Have a Bank Account

Second Date Update: Bridget is CRAZY

Second Date Update: Adam Switched Gyms

Second Date Update: John Bought a Sword

Second Date Update: Jeremy Likes Married Women

Second Date Update: Kim Is SCARED to Go On Another Date

Second Date Update: Taylor Doesn’t Like How They Met

Second Date Update: Liz Doesn’t Like His Sign

SDUD Marie is Funny

Second Date Update: Charles Pooped in the Washing Machine

Second Date Update: Matt Doesn’t Want to Date Right Now

Second Date Update: Floria Doesn’t Go Out With Wade Because of What??

Second Date Update- Jackie Gets Caught Smelling Something…

Second Date Update- Larry Won’t share his dessert

Elmer Is Married…And His Wife Likes To Do WHAT??

Is This A Real Life “AnnaBelle”??? #KindaCreepy

Second Date Update – Annie Was On Something During The Date…

Second Date Update – Flat Earth…Enough Said

Mother’s Day Montage

Did Marcus’s Job as a Police Officer Cost Him a Second Date?

Aaron Needs Help Pronouncing ‘Meme’…Will It Cost Him A Second Date??

Ian Asked For WHAT…After The First Date??

Distance Doesn’t Always Make the Heart Grow Fonder

Mandy Gets Called a Racist After this Duo’s Dates Goes South

Don’t Date Your Dentist!

Frank Was Only Trying to Count his Calories… But Did it Cost Him?

Marc’s Date Made Out with a Guy Over Hibachi!

Business Gone Bad After Tim Promised Anne a Job in Exchange for a Date

Marcus Says This Was The Best Date He’s Ever Been On, But She Won’t Call Him Back…Let’s See Why!

Keith is Salty Over Paying for the Date

Spoiled Milk Spoils Chad’s Date

Chad Is In A Bit Of A Pickle….And It’s Not Looking Good For Him

Kevin Finds Out What Happens When You Are Lazy On The First Date!

Would You Dump Someone for Not Going to the Dentist?

Stacy Got Caught On Tinder…But Jeff Had Bigger Problems

Brandon’s Sex Novel Costs Him a Second Date

Valentine’s Expectations Caused Justin to Skip Out on a Second Date

Going on a Date with My Mom’s One Night Stand

The Ghoster Becomes the Ghosted

Mike Discovers What Happens When You Stalk People While They’re at Work

The Third Nipple Crisis

Tom Smacks His Lips When He Eats…Will It Cost Him A Second Date??

This Took An Unexpected Turn….YIKES!!!

Misheard Lyrics…We All Have THAT Song We Love…But Aren’t Quite Sure What The Lyrics Are….

This May Be The Most Uncomfortable/Awkward Call We’ve Ever Had….